Lens Distortions App - download it here.

  • open any image in LD app
  • choose the light hits
  • place it behind the subject and adjust the size

The light hits look more natural if they're placed in the part of the image where the light is coming from. I use them to enhance the sunset effect for example.I also prefer to add the LD effect first, export the image and then edit it in VSCO, not the other way.
Mextures App - download it here.

  • open image in Mextures app
  • choose uncropped, otherwise the image will be cropped to square format
  • choose one of the texture sets, I mainly use it for light leaks
  • choose the effect you like and adjust the opacity
  • the textures tend to reduce the contrast and sharpness to increase it slightly
  • save
  • keep playing with other textures :-)